Terapia de ozono para mascotas

La ozonoterapia veterinaria consiste en el uso de ozono con fines terapéuticos en animales, a través de técnicas médicas que permiten regular su metabolismo y mejorar su calidad de vida.

Medicina alternativa para mascotas
Medicina alternativa para mascotas
Indicado como agente terapéutico para:
  • Alergias
  • Artrosis
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Colitis ulcerosa
  • Hernia discal
  • Retardos de cicatrización
  • Coadyuvante en oncología
  • Coadyuvante en oncología
  • Insuficiencia venosa crónica
  • Arteriosclerosis y patologías derivadas de la disminución del aporte de oxígeno a los tejidos
  • Uso en odontología para enfermedades periodontales y desinfección

How it works

Ozone contains three oxygen atoms, which react in the tissue as it breaks down to ordinary oxygen (O2) and a reactive singlet oxygen molecule that can combine with chemicals and other molecules. Free from side effects, this is an extremely safe therapy that works in a number of ways by:
  • Decreasing inflammation.
  • Activating the immune system. 
  • Inactivating bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and protozoa. 
Medicina alternativa para mascotas
Uses are many and varied
Any time there are infections or inflammation, tissue damage or abnormal cellular proliferation, ozone can be use to support treatments, conventional or holistic. A few examples are:
  1. Skin – wounds, especially degloving ones and deep abrasions; hot spots; pyodermas; allergic dermatitis; abscesses.
  2. Pain relief.
  3. Head trauma, spinal cord inflammation–ozone and oxygen go through the blood/brain barrier so it is an excellent way to aid treatment of any neurological issue.
  4. Chronic and acute Lyme disease.
  5. Mouth–stomatitis, gingivitis, abscesses; ozone therapy is ADA-approved for dental abscesses.
  6. Cancer and autoimmune problems.
  1. Ears – chronic and acute otitis from bacteria or yeast; aural hematomas.
  2. Eyes – infections and allergic reactions.
  3. Upper respiratory ailments.
  4. Potentiates acupuncture, homeopathy and chiropractic treatments as it brings more needed oxygen to the body.
  5. GI tract – constipation, diarrhea, IBS (decreases inflammation).
  6. Equine infectious anemia.
Medicina alternativa para mascotas
Integrating ozone into your veterinary clinic protocols gives you a wonderful opportunity to use something very natural and sustainable that can reduce and possibly prevent the overuse of antibiotics and drugs. Technicians can administer ozone in most of its applications. As a holistic integrative veterinarian, I think it potentiates some of the other natural modalities I use, such as acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs and chiropractic. Antibiotics are also more effective with ozone as an adjunct. It is also a practice builder, since clients are searching for supportive ways to help their pets. With training, pet owners can get an ozone unit and administer it in a variety of ways themselves. Because ozone is antiviral, it should be a must for any animal shelter that deals with a lot of infectious viruses.

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